CULTIVATE is a key part of the strategy for spiritual growth at Faithbridge. CULTIVATE describes our personal development as followers of Jesus. It is what Paul described in 1 Timothy 4:7 when he said, “train yourself to be godly.” After you are engaged in a Connection Group, consider one of our CULTIVATE classes on Wednesday nights with specific opportunities for men, women and couples to get involved.


Classes meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Classes for All Adults

Breaking Free

Room P104

Do you want to know God and really believe Him? Do you want to find satisfaction in God, experience His peace, and enjoy His presence? Do you want to make the freedom Christ promised a reality in your daily life? In this study by Beth Moore, participants will embark on a study of selected passages from the book of Isaiah, drawing several parallels between the captive Israelites and today’s Christians, in order to show how to make freedom in Christ a daily reality. Facilitated by Becky Campbell, you will learn to remove obstacles that hinder freedom by identifying spiritual strongholds in your life and overcome them through the truth of God’s Word—truth that will set you free. This class meets in Room P104.

Children of the Day

Room 218

Join Beth Moore and walk the shores of Thessalonica with this verse by verse study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. During this 9 week study, you’ll learn how to let go of past mistakes and discover your circumstances are not coincidental – God’s timing is impeccable! Whether you’re facing family crises, medical diagnoses, relationship troubles, doubts or fears, you’ll come away encouraged that even though it may not feel that way, you are exactly where Christ wants you to be! Facilitated by Rachel White, this class meets in Room 218. Books may be purchased at Lifeway or Amazon for $15.99.

Act Like Men: 40 Days to Biblical Manhood

Front Lobby

Men are so busy doing so many different things; when not working, their free time is often full of the trivial or sinful. But what society and church so desperately need are men who embrace all that God created them to be, who long to follow God without limits and meet the needs of those around them without hesitation. To get there, we need what Pastor James MacDonald calls “radical surgery”—a deep, probing exploration and reparation of all that it means to be a man. In his definitive, bold voice, MacDonald calls men to be watchful, firm in their faith, strong, and loving. This isn’t a call for bravado and bluster. It’s a call for men to mix tender and tough, to be humble, to follow Jesus. It is a call to be leaders, men of God, husbands who are present and caring and strong. It is straight talk—no posturing or posing or beating around the bush—inviting men to redemption and restoration in their manhood. Facilitated by Fred Kyle, Jason Lankford and Fred Bible, this class meets in the Front Lobby. Books may be purchased at for $11.99 or Amazon for $12.40.