CRASH is our high-energy worship experience that takes place on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm – 8:00pm! During CRASH, we create an environment where students feel comfortable. Your student will experience and participate in games, worship, life teaching and application of God’s Word!  We dig into subjects like friendships, obeying authority, godly relationships, and many others that students deal with. Doors open at 6:00pm. This is a nonthreatening and open environment to all who are searching or who are trying to find their way back again!



The Jr. High concentrates on inductive Bible studies which will teach them how to observe, interpret and apply the text, while the Sr. High students focus on “Apologetics,” Christian worldview studies in order to see the world through a Biblical world view versus what the culture is teaching.  As our students continue to grow in their own spiritual walk and graduate from our student ministry, we want to be intentional with the time that we have to help you as the parent and the students to build upon their foundation in their walk with Christ.
What exactly is the meaning behind CRASH?  During a staff retreat, we watched a video of Erwin McManus, who was speaking on”The Barbarian Way.”  He described different animal groups and their names when they are in a heard. He spoke of a pack of lions being a “pride,” a group of flamingos as being “flamboyant”, and then he mentioned the rhino. The rhino can run up to 30 mph with all of that weight and muscle. The only problem is rhinos can only see 10 feet in front of them.  He then stated that the rhino does not care what is at 31 feet, it just better get out of the way.  When rhinos gather in  a heard, they are called a crash.
That is our prayer here in the Student Ministry at Faithbridge.  That we help students and families run full speed with Jesus, not worrying about what is ahead.  Because with Jesus, we are mighty and powerful.  We want to equip God’s students to “CRASH” their culture.