Why Haiti? God is moving in a powerful way in the countries of the Americas and Haiti is on the cutting edge of this tremendous revival. The Florida Baptist Convention (FBC) has had an established presence in Haiti since 1978, establishing their full-time outreach organization “Confraternité Missionnaire Baptiste d’Haiti” (CMBH) in Port-au-Price in the early part of 1995. The CMBH now has 1214 churches with a heavy spiritual burden for the spiritually lost.

Dear Church Family,

In 2012, after several years of successful, high-impact mission trips to Nicaragua, we were blessed to be happily planning the church’s next trip to the same region when Pastor Paul hit us with the news that no one, planning a church-wide mission trip, necessarily wants to hear…”I’ve been doing a lot of praying and I really feel God is leading our church to Haiti.”  Haiti?  We are all set for Nicaragua and we’ve never even been to Haiti!  However, God knew exactly what He had in store for Faithbridge Church and the plans He had for us in Haiti.  Our first trip, with a team of 45 people, was beyond amazing and there was an instant connection with the beautiful people of Canaan; a tent-city comprised of the “castoffs” – orphans, injured, crippled – that were gathered up after the earthquake, driven in busses to the outskirts of the city and simply deposited on the side of a hill that was used as a dump and left to fend for themselves.  Each day, these families forge in the muck and mire, desperately trying to find something to feed their children, but God is at work on that hill.  The mission team had an incredible week of ministry, lives were changed and eternal bonds were created.

In June of 2013, as we were busily putting the final touches on training and preparations for the church’s third Mission trip to Canaan, Haiti, FaithBridge’s General Mission Fund was amazingly blessed with a sizable donation from a church family, a mission team member that had seen, first-hand the immense need in Canaan.  As we began praying and  thinking of the many ways in which funds of this proportion could help the beautiful people of Canaan, whom we have come to know and love, God put on our heart a bigger plan then just a simple schedule of sponsored feedings or additional medical supplies.  Although these are very real needs for the people in Haiti, we felt a strong sense that God had much bigger plans than we could even imagine.  We began discussions with Pastor Jean Phito, Director of Missions for Confraternite Missionnaire Baptiste D’Haiti (CMBH), in order to discern the best use of the money for a long-term impact on the people of Canaan.  In God’s great providence, the amount donated was just nearly the exact amount needed to actually purchase property in Canaan, and erect a simple structure to plant a new church on the fertile ground of that forgotten hill.  In August, 2013, we began the search for appropriate land that could house the new church.  God led us to a piece of property that was not only large enough to build and begin the new church but also had the potential space for a future orphanage and school.  On September 14, 2013 construction began on the temporary structure and the very next day, September 15th, Faithbridge Canann held its first church service, welcoming 85 worshipers and 4 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ!!  Pastor Phito has been acting as interim Pastor as the search was conducted for a permanent pastor.  Just this month, Pastor Alicarme Louis has been formally named as the pastor of Faithbridge Canaan.  On December 12th, Pastor Paul and I got the chance to travel to Haiti to welcome the new Pastor.  As Pastor Alicarne shared his testimony, he spoke of his harrowing experiences in the 2010 earthquake, trapped beneath the rubble of a building, and how he began to sing the Psalms he had learned as a Pastor’s child.  In that time, he believed that God spoke to him and that He had a plan for his life.  He spoke of Jeremiah 29:11, the same verse which adorns the entrance wall of Faithbridge, Jacksonville, which is now his life verse.

We are so excited to set out on this adventure!  

We are trusting God to raise $35,000 to build our church sanctuary in Haiti.  Download the print-out below for a full description of what the project entails.


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