Why are we called to be generous? As Christians, there are two elements of giving that one must participate in within the church, not only because God commands it, but for the sake of expanding the ministry and reaching the lost. These two elements are labor and finances.

The Work of God: Labor

God calls us to actively share his love with those around us. Paul discusses our need to not only serve the body of believers, but also to serve the lost, whether that is through sharing Christ with a neighbor or volunteering at a soup kitchen.


We at Faithbridge invite you to be a part of this work: God’s work. We invite you to be a part of the blessing that is found in serving the Lord within the body of Christ. We desire to see God’s family expanded. We love seeing hearts healed through the love of God. We long to see Jacksonville transformed through the power of God’s saving grace. We desperately want you to be involved in this mission: to lead people to Christ.


We have plenty of opportunities to get involved. We want to incorporate your unique gifts and talents in the work to serve others for the Lord, whose saving grace is sufficient for all. We at Faithbridge feel that as a community of believers, we are called to be actively pursuing our community to share the love of God with them. These opportunities will provide you with a way to grow, increase in faith, know God better, and build godly relationships, all while sharing God’s love to those around us. Please click here  for more information on how you can get plugged in to the work of God at Faithbridge Church.


It is no surprise that it costs money to operate a church. However, this is in no way why we would like you to give financially to Faithbridge Church. At Faithbridge our desire is to see people come to know Christ intimately and continue to grow in this knowledge in order to lead others to Christ. Your financial support helps us accomplish this purpose. Our goals are not to acquire wealth or worldly riches, but to acquire heavenly riches for the sake of Christ. This, we believe, is accomplished by consistently living out the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We take financial accountability very seriously. If you are interested in knowing more about our financials (what our money goes to) you can contact our Financial Director, who would love to answer any questions you have. We are completely open and love sharing how God has been incredibly faithful and blessed Faithbridge Church. With blessing comes great responsibility, and we constantly seek the Lord’s guidance on how we distribute all funds that come into Faithbridge.


If you are interested in giving to Faithbridge Church, you can click below. Whether you’d like to give a single gift or schedule ongoing gifts, you can do it all right here .