Our Connection Groups are where the big church becomes the small church…

Where students are loved and friendships are formed. We encourage and invite students to participate in the appropriate Connection Group where they will study the Bible in a casual setting with people their own age.


Connection Groups for every age-group meet on Sunday mornings at both 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

What we offer

9:00 a.m. groups

6th Grade Girls – Abby Will (Room C102)

7th-8th Grade Girls –  Nichole Saphore/Ellie Maynard/Jessica Hersh (Room C103)

6th-8th Grade Boys –  Noel Estanislao/Ed Lafond (Room C104)

9th-12th Grade Girls – Amber Laguador/Rhonda Surber (Room C101)

9th-12th Grade Boys – Grant McMillian/Jason Turner (Room A109)

10:30 a.m. groups

6th-8th Grade Girls – Erin Masters/Ashley Baumann (Room C103)

6th-8th Grade Boys – Paul McDowell/Chad Baumann (Room C102)

9th-12th Grade Girls – Meredith McDowell/Kacie Tyler (Room C101)

9th-12th Grade Boys – Mike Tyler/Andy Will (Room A109)

More info

 For more information about Student Connection Groups, e-mail Nolan Pelfrey at or call the church office at 904.220.2727.